Liquefied natural and energetic, Granada-Aloe Vera-Honey = GAM new LNG


A good friend, I did two sessions Sanergía 3 months, with depression, would not go out for anything from home, just wanted to mourn, and was about to lose her apartment last week, I returned what she believes he did so well with Sanergía sessions, «the magic potion», the daughter of farmers, brought me a delicious juice, fruit, natural products, collected in his garden, which was more than 5 years since I visited, I have given the name of «GAM» and it comes from 4 products, all natural, and are easily accessible to anyone:

1. The Granada.

2. The Aloe Vera

3. Honey.

4. Water

Obviously if you can get the 4 products, as natural as possible, it promotes the quality is easy to do, you mix in a bowl, having previously removed the skin of Granada, and Aloe Vera (it should have been left water two days to leave a pinkish protein, after two rinses and filled), I explained my friend, all is ground and then pass it through a sieve, so that only the juice is left. And wondering what properties have ?:

Granada: Antioxidant, helps rejuvenate the skin, blood circulation, and diuretic function, helps the kidneys, but also according to a study by the University of Edinburgh, one day Granada, notably promotes sexual activity.

Ale Vera: It has vitamins A, B, C, protects the immune system, has anti-inflammatory action, is digestive, purifying, and regenerates the skin.

Honey: Known as the «antibiotic Dulce» eliminates water retention, tones the skin, has laxative effects and helps eliminate insomnia, allowing rest and strengthening the body.

In short, my good friend, has allowed me every day, in the morning, I took this wonderful «elixir of Obelix» and I am in top form early morning or when I make a great effort, therefore, I want to share with all those who see our articles.


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